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GTR Forklift Training provides both on-site and off-site training sessions, so you can learn at your own pace. Our courses are affordably priced to meet your budget.

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Our Training Courses

We are a fully equipped forklift training  centre with up-to-date training programs in compliance with the latest regulations.

Counter Balance Forklift Truck

Counter Balance is a forklift engineered to lift heavy loads and move through narrow aisles effortlessly. Its three-point suspension system allows seamless maneuvering on uneven floors.

Reach Forklift Truck

The reach truck is a nimble machine, favoured for its narrow aisle versatility. These are designed to pick up and put away inventory and are a common sight in the warehousing industries.

Powered Pallet Truck (PPT) LLOP

Double Pallet truck has the flexibility of the pallet lift and doubles its load capacity.

MEWP - Multidirectional

Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP)

A Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) is a mobile machine that carries workers to their work locations on a platform attached to the machine. Workers should only enter and exit the platform at designated access points located at ground level or on the chassis.

Scissor Lift Truck

A Scissor lift is a type of mechanical lifting platform used in construction and facility maintenance applications to elevate operators above the ground and facilitate verticle reach.

Pivot Steer (Bendi, Flexi) Truck

The pivot steer forklift is useful for navigating tight spaces, thanks to its rotating mast. It can store pallets in aisles and reach heights of up to 12.5 meters. However, operators require regular training to understand the articulated steering system and the impact of the truck's size on maneuverability and load capacity.

Telehander Truck

When using Telescopic forklifts with extended reach, operators must take extra safety precautions, be mindful of blind spots, maintain a balanced forklift, and use appropriate lifting techniques depending on the weight of the load.

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Truck

VNA forklift training is key for safe and confident navigation in tight spaces with powerful turret trucks. VNA trucks are available in two categories: man-up and man-down.

Moffett Truck (Vehicle Mounted Lift Trucks)

Vehicle-mounted training courses offered for ALl types novice, experienced or REFRESHER drivers on EITHER COUNTERBALANCE MOUNTED TRUCK OR REACH MOUNTED LIFT TRUCK. Proper technique and operation are crucial to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to goods or property, especially in crowded indoor spaces where forklifts operate.

Rough Terrain Forklift Truck

When operating a rough terrain forklift, stability is important. Operators must be mindful of obstacles and manoeuvre carefully to transport loads safely. Correct terrain judgement is crucial for safe and effective operation.

Providing Superior Forklift Solutions

Prior to operating a forklift truck, a site inspection must be completed to identify hazards that may become an issue. Some hazards may include overhead service lines, power lines, surrounding buildings, doorways, pedestrians, uneven surfaces, inclines and weather. Informed application of corrective measures and signage helps minimize the risk of workplace accidents, injuries and material loss. In order to carry out such checks, ensure absolute workplace safety and improve job prospects, an operator must undergo forklift training and evaluation

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Flexible to your needs

Our organisation offers flexible training sessions from Monday to Saturday. Beginner courses are held during the day, but afternoon sessions can be provided for refresher or experienced-based training to adapt to the trainee's schedule.

Fully ITSSAR & Npors Accredited Training Centre

One-on-one training creates a low-stress learning environment, encourages interaction and allows comprehension assessment.

Offer ON and OFF Site Training Courses

The Leicester center offers forklift training with certified trainers who can provide on-site instruction for safe and efficient equipment operation throughout the UK.

Responsive Communication

We have best staff that get aims to response back instantly after dropping your query. our staff can speak in four languages English, Punjabi, Hindi and Gujarati


Affordable rates allow equal opportunity to all aspiring operators to improve their skill base.

Fully Equipped Training Center

We are a fully equipped forklift training centre with up-to-date training programs in compliance with the latest regulations.

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We can help your company maintain regulatory compliance and ensure high safety standards.

The courses are designed to prepare you for a competent and safe career as a forklift operator. Focus on skill specialization and personal growth that enables job security. We facilitate forklift certification and renew forklift license. The sign-up process is straightforward. You may also reach out to our expert for further guidance.